Let's Camp!

As this latest BarCamp looms closer, I’ve realized that we really haven’t talked about one of the more important parts of BarCamp. The camping. I mean hell, the word Camp is in the name of the event. So it’s kind of a big deal…

Now, I know Los Angeles isn’t much of a camping city. Well, maybe it is — but even with a lot of great options around, I can’t remember the last time I heard any of my friends say “we’re going camping this weekend.” Maybe that’s because I don’t have very many outdoorsy friends tho. *shrug* Who’s to say, really?

Still, I know at the end of a day of networking, going to presentations and soaking up free wifi, food and beer, your bed probably sounds like an awesome idea. But there’s been a pretty decent (and growing) group of people who have been taking the Camp part literally and actually bring along a sleeping bag to get a little shuteye after things wind down.

It’s actually pretty awesome. We sit around and tell scary stories about relatives we’ve had to give tech support to and make s’mores over a hot plate. Just imagine camping without mosquitoes giving you the West Nile and bears trying to get into your food. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

If so, throw a sleeping bag (and maybe an air mattress and a tent) in your car and come crash out with us on Saturday. I swear that it’ll be fun. Hell, you’ll have an awesome morning commute at the very least… ;)

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