What Is BarCamp Anyway?

Are you still not sure if BarCamp is for you? Ryanne made an outstanding video a few months back at BarCamp SF that does a great job of summing up what this whole thing is all about. Seriously, it’s three and a half minutes well spent…

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Running A Great Unconference Session

The question came up at last night’s Geek Dinner about what makes for a good presentation at BarCamp. Fortunately, Scott Berkun has put together an awesome list of tips and hints for constructing a great unconference session that is required reading if you plan on participating and can’t think of what to do. Give it a look!

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Announcing BarCamp LA 2

The next Los Angeles Barcamp has been scheduled. Mark your calendar for the weekend of November 11th and 12th. We’ll be holding it at Little Radio again and they’ve expanded so we have more room!

If you’re not sure what exactly BarCamp is, what you can present and if you should attend (and you should) check out this video by Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman. Check out the previous barcamp page here, Dave Markland’s post event video here and stalk the Flickr Barcamp Group.

For more information, registration and other details go here. If you plan on attending, be sure to register and add yourself to the list of attendees over on Upcoming. There is no fee to attend, and we’re looking for sponsors. See ya there!

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